Seattle Mariners

Mariners fever: Demand for merchandise has printers scrambling

SEATTLE — The Mariners are now headed to Houston to take on the Astros in the American League Division Series, and as you might imagine, team merchandise is flying off the shelves.

“I mean, it’s two decades of pent-up excitement,” said Joe Munson, who works in marketing and communications at Simply Seattle.

The drought is over. The Seattle Mariners are in the postseason for the first time in 21 years and fans looking to cheer on their team have been snagging the latest gear.

“It’s emotional for sure, it’s very, very special. It’s surreal. I was 5 years old the last time the Mariners made the playoffs,” said Munson.

KIRO7′s Briseida Holguin met up with Munson at Moss Green Print Shop. He said they can barely keep up with demand.

“Volume has been big. Mariners fever has never been higher, and so we’re on the second, third batch of some of those playoff tees from last week and doing great with the ones we dropped this weekend as well,” said Munson.

Munson said all of the T-shirts being made on Monday morning have already been sold.

“As you can see, (there’s a) really big conveyer belt here. As soon as the shirts are off the press, this is all wet ink, so they’re on their way through the dryer,” said Munson.

One of the designs reads, “Houston, We are a problem.” They even have a T-shirt featuring fans’ latest ritual, which caught fire at Saturday’s game.

“So during their game on Saturday, they were down seven runs, mounted a big comeback and everyone who was watching the game at T-Mobile park was putting like a rally cap, rally shoe on their heads, and it started with one guy and soon it was the whole stadium so, rally shoe,” said Munson.

Munson said fans can purchase the playoff T-shirts online since they haven’t even gotten a chance to get them in-store.