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Local Steals and Deals: 3 tech deals with Rush Charge, Doorbell Boa, and Uncaged Ergonomics

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Tech to the rescue! Rush Charge, Doorbell Boa, and Uncaged Ergonomics are here to help with everyday challenges at home and on the go.

Whether you’re still working from home or back at the office, we’ve got the best solutions to simple tech problems. The new Rush Charge Magnet is a wireless charger that attaches to your phone. It’s perfect for charging anywhere. Uncaged Ergonomics has designed adjustable lap desks that are comfortable and convenient for any workspace. And Doorbell Boa is an anti-theft video doorbell door mount that doesn’t require wiring, keeping you safe when you’re not at home. We’ve got the best deals on these innovative products at Local Steals and Deals!

Rush Charge Magnet

Deal: $48.99

Retail: $69.99

(While supplies last)


You’ll never lose your charger again! Rush Charge Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger attaches to the back of your phone. It’s slim and compact so you can single-handedly charge your device on the go. Get 30% off!

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Doorbell Boa

Deal: $20.00

Retail: $39.99

(While supplies last)


Video doorbells are great tools to deter crime. But, you may be restricted from using them. Now everyone can feel safe with Doorbell Boa! It’s an easy and secure way to mount a video doorbell on any door. It’s perfect for renters, college kids, and travelers. You’ll find it at Local Steals and Deals for 50% off!

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Uncaged Ergonomics

Deal: $21.50-$51.99

Retail: $42.99-$89.99

(While supplies last)


Working on a computer all day takes a toll on our necks and backs and it’s often hard to find the perfect position. Uncaged Ergonomics solves this problem. This brand specializes in ergonomic products that create a comfortable work environment anywhere. Check out the laptop desks we’ve got at up to 50% off!

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