• VIDEO: Teen slapped by woman in McDonald's

    By: Henry Rosoff


    STANWOOD, Wash. - In cellphone video, a 29-year-old woman is seen swinging at a teenager inside the Stanwood McDonald's.

    However, it is what came before the swing that has brought controversy.  The woman said she felt threatened by a group of teens because they were swearing around her young child.

    The teen who was hit, Connor Reynolds, tells a different story.  Reynolds said the woman, later identified by police as Elyssa Buhl, was upset at a group of 8th graders for swearing and acted aggressively toward them.  Reynolds, who is in the  9th grade, said he and his friends intervened. 

    “She took a kid’s frappe and threw it on the ground,” Reynolds said.  “She started using awful language in front of her kid which is very ironic to me.”

    Reynolds called police after he was hit. The police report said there is likely enough evidence for Reynolds and his family to press charges.  Reynolds said he is still considering the possibility.

    When reached by phone, Buhl said she felt “surrounded” and thought she had to lash out to defend herself and her child. 

    There is a lively discussion about who was right and who was wrong in this situation on the KIRO 7 Facebook Page.


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    VIDEO: Teen slapped by woman in McDonald's

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