Woman trapped in car 5 days rescued

NEWARK, N.J. — A 77-year-old woman was freed after being trapped in her vehicle for five days.

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Janette Ward had been living in her van in Newark, New Jersey, and fell asleep Sunday. She woke up and found the car buried in the snow because of a recent storm, WNBC reported.

She told News 12 that a snowplow had plowed her vehicle in.

She was not able to get out of the vehicle herself. She said she started calling for help Sunday, but she said dispatchers didn’t send help, WCBS reported.

Luckily, she had recently bought some food and water, WCBS reported.

WNBC reported they did receive a call on Wednesday, but police were not able to find her because of a mistake in logging her call.

The record showed her on Lincoln Street in Newark, but in reality, she was at Lincoln Park. Police tried calling her, but no one picked up, WNBC reported.

Ward called for help again Thursday, and the fire department was able to find her. They had to shovel a path to her van’s door, but she refused any medical help and didn’t want fire crews to shovel out her car, WNBC reported.

A group of men from a residential substance abuse program located near the parking lot where Ward was stuck came out and dug her out.

The Newark Office of Homeless Services is offering to help Ward.