Watch: EMTs duck as gunman opens fire on ambulance

CHICAGO — Video from a dashboard camera shows the moments two EMTs came under fire while driving an ambulance in Chicago.

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The ambulance was driving in Jackson Park on Sept. 21 when sudden gunfire forced the EMTs to duck for cover. The company that owns the ambulance and employs the EMTs shared a video from a dashboard camera on its Facebook page. Gunfire can be heard in the video before the EMTs scramble for safety.

The video continues to show what appears to be a man hanging out the window of a sedan, pointing a gun at the ambulance and continuing to fire shots.

Joe Elkin, the safety and risk manager for Medical Express Ambulance Service, said the EMTs were in heavy traffic when the gunfire started, but they were able to stop safely.

During the shooting, the paramedics believed someone was hit by the gunfire and immediately made a U-turn to respond and render aid, WBBM reported.

In an email, a representative for Medical Express Ambulance Service said that person was not shot but instead had fallen from their bicycle while trying to escape the bullets.

Police have not caught the person in the black sedan, WBBM reported.