Tattoo artists offering free cover-ups for racist imagery and wording

MURRAY, Ky. — In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement across the nation, a tattoo parlor in Kentucky is gaining national attention by offering free cover-ups for anyone with hate wording or gang symbols.

Gallery X Art Collective in Murray, Kentucky wants to help “change your hate,” and “start your path to being the person you were meant to be.” The tattoo shop describes itself as a “judgment free environment.”

“I just wanted to help out in someway. It’s the only platform I have,” artist, Jeremiah Swift told KFVS.

The shop first announced the free cover-up service June 7 on a Facebook post: “If it is hate related, in any way, we will schedule you a day to come get it cover up for free, at the artists choosing. There will be options for ideas but all designs and ideas will be up to Jeremiah, or Ryun King which ever one is doing your tattoo.”

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Posted by Gallery X Art Collective on Friday, June 12, 2020

The tattoo artist will work with the client to pick from many designs to fix the tattoo, but the artist will choose which design to use to cover it up.

Jennifer Tucker used to cover up a Confederate flag tattoo she got when she was younger.

“I’m getting a confederate flag covered on my ankle that I got when I was 18. It’s a symbol of hatred and I want it off me," Tucker told KFVS."

Her decision to have it removed was also because she wanted to be part of the change across the nation.

She told KFVS “I want it gone. I want solidarity. I’m a part of a group in Paducah and we go and peacefully protest.”