The Eagles fight song at Mass? Parish priest sends a Hail Mary

When your team has made it to a Super Bowl, fans will try almost anything to help get the win.

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From superstitions of wearing the same “lucky” jersey to eating the same foods to having the same routine, there are many ways Super Bowl fans will help give their team a final push over the goal line.

Even appealing to a higher power in song.

A Northeast Philadelphia parish is doing just that — singing their praises to God but with a new tune in the background.

The congregation at the unidentified parish is singing “Alleluia” but has set the words to the tune of the “Eagles Fight Song” so their pleas will fly straight to God’s ears.

A video of the praise and plea has been shared on social media.

Doing a little digging, we found that it was performed at Resurrection of Our Lord Parish which held an Eagles-themed mass to get ready for this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The altar was bathed in green light and an Eagles rug was rolled out on the steps.

Most comments on the church’s live stream were positive, with users singing the praises of the priest and the Eagles, but not everyone was happy bringing the secular world into the sacred.

One user wrote, “Go BIRDS! With a Wing and a Prayer!”

While another voiced their disagreement in writing, it was “the holy sacrifice of the mass. Shame on you ...”

The Eagles will take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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