Spokane’s green lights that look like cannabis leaves do not get high marks

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s not easy turning green -- at least in Washington state.

A prankster, identified as the “Mad Signtist,” used cardboard cutouts to transform green lights in Spokane into cannabis leave, KREM-TV reported.

Kaitlin Riordan, a senior digital producer for the television station, shared a post from the NextDoor app about the pot leaves that appeared at an intersection in the northern part of the city. Riordan posted several reactions from members of the group.

“I had to do a double-take. How the heck did it get in there?” one user wrote, according to KREM.

A photographer from the television station verified the pot leaves were not just an urban legend.

Marlene Feist, a spokesperson for the City of Spokane, said Friday she was unaware of the doctored green lights but added city workers will remove the cardboard, KREM reported.

“People are very creative,” Feist told the television station in an email.