Special award for deputy attacked by squirrel on camera

HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. — An Indiana sheriff’s deputy received a one-of-a-kind honor after surviving a close encounter with a squirrel — the entirety of which was caught on camera.

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Video posted to Harrison County Sheriff Nick Smith’s Facebook page shows the squirrel suddenly attacking the deputy.

The Squirrel that went berserk! Sometimes we deal with the wild ones!

Posted by Sheriff Nick Smith on Monday, April 18, 2022

The squirrel attack happened at a trailer pack, catching deputy David Wheatley clearly off-guard, WAVE reported. The video shows Wheatley flailing around, trying to get the animal away.

Sheriff Nick Smith said deputies initially responded to a call for an older woman who opened the door of her trailer home to let her cat in, when the squirrel came in the house. The squirrel ran up the woman’s leg, across her leg, and up to her head, scratching her.

After a brief pursuit, deputies were able to catch the squirrel, which then attacked the officer once it was removed from the home.

Sheriff Smith said the squirrel remains on the run and is wanted on charges of residential burglary and battery.

For his bravery, Deputy Wheatley was given a bronzed squirrel and a martial arts award.

For his bravery and dedication!

Posted by Sheriff Nick Smith on Monday, April 18, 2022