Running a-fowl: Chicken taken into custody at Pentagon

It wasn’t AWOL but instead AFOWL that prompted a security issue at the seat of the U.S. military.

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A chicken was caught running around near a secured area at the Pentagon Monday, The Associated Press reported.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington tweeted a picture of the captured hen in the brig — er, cage.

The Washington Post reported that the location where the hen was found was not revealed due to security reasons, and the Animal Welfare League didn’t say how the chicken got into the facility in the first place.

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The group asked for its Twitter followers to name the hen. Some suggested Ethel Rosenbird, Chick Cheney, Hentagon, Colonel Sanderson, LieutHENant Squawkington and even General Tso.

The Animal Welfare League went with a less militaristic name, Henny Penny, and said the hen will have a new home at an animal sanctuary in the D.C. area.