Mystery monolith appears in Houston

HOUSTON — The mysterious monolith is back and this time it is in a Houston neighborhood.

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Residents started leaving mementos at the base of the structure, which is made of cardboard or plastic and painted to look like metal, similar to the pillar found in the Utah desert that set off global intrigue, KPRC reported.

Visitors have tied a yellow ribbon around it, placed a framed photo of a Hindu god at its base and placed a sticker that reads “weird” on it since it appeared about a week ago.

The first mysterious metal monolith was discovered Nov. 18 by a team of biologists counting bighorn sheep in a portion of the southeastern Utah desert. It is still unknown who installed it. Its appearance led to international interest and the creation and discovery of slightly similar copycat structures throughout the world.

Much like the other monoliths that have appeared, it is unclear who placed it there or why.