Man creates desk for kids to use during distance learning for only $20

CORCORAN, Calif. — It all started with an idea and a kitchen cluttered with textbooks and other school supplies.

Now, Mitchell Couch, a building inspector in Corcoran, California, is making sure students have a nook to call their own as they attend school in their homes, CNN reported.

Couch paid about $20 for supplies and went to work making a desk for his children, KMPH reported.

A couple of hours later, a design became reality.

He posted photos of his minimalistic desk and word spread on social media.

Couch said people were inspired to build his creation, so after getting message upon message for the plans, he put together a YouTube video showing how to make the learning centers, CNN reported.

Eventually, owners of a local grocery store wanted to make sure students had desks, so they paid for supplies as Couch built.

“You can get a sheet of plywood and make four desks,” Couch told KMPH. “just a few pieces of wood make the legs. Some glue and some nails and you put it together. They’re super strong.”

After about a week, and with the help of family members, he was able to build 40 desks.

The desk demand did not end after those 40 tables were built, so the Couch family started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for supplies so every student who needs a dedicated learning location can have one, CNN reported.