Kittens born inside cockpit of display jet at North Carolina aviation museum

HICKORY, N.C. — The Hickory Aviation Museum had a pleasant surprise last week when it found kittens had been born in one of its jets.

The museum said a stray cat who roams the area had kittens in a T-33 Shooting Star, a Cold War jet trainer on display at the museum, according to WSOC-TV.

In a Facebook post by the museum, a kitten can be seen peeking out of the cockpit.

“Not only do we battle rain, wind, heat, wasps, and birds, one of the cats that roam the airport near the terminal decided to have kittens in the T-33 Shooting Star.”

The museum used the post to encourage people to support the museum: “This is why we need to build the museum to get our aircraft indoors!!!!”

The kittens were sent to a nearby humane society and will be up for adoption within three months, according to The Hickory Record.