Don’t share your senior year photo, BBB warns

What many may see as a way to help cheer up those seniors who are missing out on their milestones, the Better Business Bureau says you don’t really want to post your senior class photo on social media.

The posts could give hackers the information they need to get into your accounts, the Better Business Bureau said in a warning this week.

Many questions that are used to confirm your identity may either be answered directly by the senior photo posts or will lead hackers to the answers they need.

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The photos that are being tagged with #ClassOf2020 also frequently include the name of the high school and graduating class, the BBB said.

Another similar post asks you to list all the cars you’ve owned, including the make and model years, or favorite athletes or television shows.

People don’t put two and two together to realize that those are the same topics legitimate websites use to allow you access or to change passwords.

So what can you do if you fell for the temptation and posted your photos?

Check your security settings to see who has access to your posts. Also, change your security questions if you can if you think you shared a little too much, the BBB suggested.

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