Deputy saves choking 4-year-old at Dallas intersection

DALLAS — A sheriff’s deputy in Texas is credited with saving the life of a young girl who was choking in the middle of the road.

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Dashboard camera video shared by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office shows the moment on May 31 when a woman got out of her car and ran back toward Deputy Keith Rose’s vehicle at a Dallas intersection. The video shows the woman carrying a child over to the deputy’s cruiser.

Rose got out of the car and immediately began doing CPR, deputies said in a news release. The 4-year-old girl regained consciousness after several chest compressions. Though the CPR is not visible from the dashboard camera, Rose can be heard talking to the child while he does compressions.

“I was relieved to see her moving around and breathing, and, of course, my concern was that mom didn’t squeeze her too tight that she would be unconscious again,” Rose told KTVT.

The child was not moving and had a white foamy substance coming from her mouth when the deputy began CPR, and it is not clear how long she was unresponsive before the deputy intervened, KDFW reported.

“I work in the warrant section, and we train quite a bit, and quite often we throw in officer-down rescue-type training, and that kind of helps out with medical and CPR and different types of situations where an officer might go down,” Rose told KTVT.

Rose credited his training with acting fast to save the child’s life, telling the station he had never had an experience like this. “For me, all the years that I’ve been out here, this is right at the top. Just glad I was in the right place at the right time,” Rose told KTVT.

The child was taken to a hospital with her parents for further evaluation, but there was no update offered on her condition, KDFW reported.