Coronavirus: Throw away disinfectant wipes, don’t flush them, officials say

Coronavirus: Officials advise throwing away disinfectant wipes, not flushing them

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Been using a lot of disinfectant wipes amid the coronavirus outbreak? Officials in Rhode Island have a few words of advice: Don’t flush them.

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According to WJAR-TV, the warning came Monday in a news release from the state’s Department of Environmental Management, which cautioned that the wipes, if flushed, could clog sewers.

“Whether your home or business is connected to the public sewer system or has an onsite wastewater treatment system, you should never flush any type of wipes, including baby wipes and those labeled flushable, down the toilet,” the release said. “Instead, you should place these products in the trash for proper disposal.”

The wipes have been blocking pipes and wastewater treatment equipment in Burrillville, officials said.

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Stock photo of anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning products.
Stock photo of anti-bacterial wipes and cleaning products. (Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)