Three new incidents involving Boeing planes in just two days

Three incidents involving Boeing aircraft have occurred in just the last two days. However, experts point out that these issues don’t necessarily mean that Boeing is at fault.

“We don’t have any more accidents, in fact it’s still the safest way to travel times ten to the 23rd so to speak,” John Nance, an aviation expert, said.

Dramatic video from an emergency evacuation in Senegal shows passengers exiting and sliding down emergency slide exits. Ten people were hurt in the incident.

Nance pointed out that we still don’t know exactly what happened to cause this.

“We have no idea exactly why the crew decided to abort but there’s nothing there that is earmarked to be of a manufacturing problem,” Nance said.

In a statement, Boeing said, “Carriers operate and maintain their airplanes for upwards of 30 to 40 years. We refer you to the operator for questions related to their fleet operations.”

KIRO 7 is still waiting to hear back from the airline.

A Boeing 767 cargo airplane operated by Fed Ex had to make an emergency landing in Instanbul after its front landing gear failed.

Nance said this is likely a maintenance problem.

Fed Ex sent KIRO 7 a statement saying, “FedEx Express Flight 6268, a Boeing 767, was enroute from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey when it experienced an issue during landing Wednesday morning. There were no reported injuries to our crew members. We are coordinating with investigation authorities and will provide additional information as it is available.”

“It’s going to turn out okay because the mains are extended, they will touch down then you finally lower the nose to the runway, there’s going to be some metal damage but it’s not going to be a serious situation,” Nance said.

As for the tire that burst when a 737-800 operated by Corendon Airlines landed, Nance said, it happens.

“This is a very common thing even though we don’t want it to be common, tires are not perfect,” Nance said. “After a certain number of landings you may have one fail in a way that you didn’t expect, this has nothing to do with Boeing.”

KIRO 7 is waiting to hear back from Corendon Airlines.

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