Coronavirus: Police find 192 rolls of toilet paper in stolen SUV

LOS ANGELES — Police found 192 rolls of toilet paper, a hot commodity as people isolate and self-quarantine amid the coronavirus, in a stolen SUV on Tuesday.

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Beverly Hills police found the toilet paper after pulling over the stolen white SUV, KTTV reported.

It was unclear if the toilet paper had been stolen.

“The driver was arrested for several charges — unrelated to the toilet paper,” Beverly Hills police Lt. Elizabeth Albanese told the Los Angeles Times.

The driver’s identity was not released. A gun was also recovered during the search of the vehicle, KTTV reported.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people in communities across the country have panic purchased shelves-worth of toilet paper.

The department joked on social media about the arrest:

“Gives ‘They saw me rollin’...’ a whole new meaning.”