Coronavirus: Philadelphia woman spits on another woman during social distance spat, police say

PHILADELPHIA — A woman spit on two people in separate incidents at a Philadelphia Italian market over the weekend, police said.

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Alexis Danilo was getting groceries at Di Bruno Bros. Sunday when Jacqueline McBride spit on her during a dispute over social distance, KYW reported.

“She came too close to me and I just backed away from her, and I guess that upset her,” Danilo told KYW. “Bumped into me, and I said something along the lines of ‘That’s rude. There is a pandemic going on.’ And then she just responded, ‘I’ll fight you right now,’ and took off her mask and spit on my face.”

Store clerks helped Danilo clean off the expectorant. Danilo is OK and self-quarantined.

McBride, 27, was arrested and charged with simple assault, making terroristic threats and harassment, KYW reported.

McBride also spit on a male employee at the store Saturday during a dispute over how she would pay for her items, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“It’s unconscionable and criminal,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said Thursday. “I think people start losing their minds a little bit and it’s understandable but that’s an assault. It’s aggravated assault to knowingly do that to make people ill, intentionally.”