Cheeky Prince Louis acts out during Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant

Parents have all been there — when a child just does not want to cooperate and does their best to show their frustration.

Apparently being a member of the royal family doesn’t make you immune to a 4-year-old child’s outbursts, especially when all eyes and cameras are focused on them.

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Prince Louis was not having any of it when he had to watch a pageant in honor of his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The event lasted about 2 1/2 hours, Harper’s Bazaar reported.

Prince Louis’ behavior ranged from appearing bored to covering his eyes, dancing and thumbing his nose at his mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, People magazine reported.

He also stood on his seat to get a better view and took his place on his grandfather’s lap.

Prince Louis also stuck out his tongue and put his hand over his mother’s mouth while she tried to talk to him, Newsweek reported.

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The pageant wasn’t the only time that Prince Louis took the spotlight away from the events that were honoring his great grandmother’s seven decades on the throne. During the Trooping of the Colour, he appeared grumpy and covered his ears from the noise of the military plane flyby, Sky News reported.

Some media outlets are calling Prince Louis’ behavior “stealing the show” while others are calling it a “tantrum.”

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Some people on social media defended the young prince’s behavior, especially given the length of the event and his age, while others questioned if his royal cousins Archie and Lilibet would have had the same public reaction if they had been seen behaving in a similar fashion, Newsweek reported.