6 Florida construction workers injured when crane drops steel bars

MIAMI — At least six Florida construction workers were injured Wednesday when a crane malfunctioned, dropping a bundle of steel bars and impaling two of the workers.

According to Miami Fire Rescue officials, the crane was lifting the steel bars -- called rebar -- at an office building in the area of Brickell Plaza in Miami when the rebar fell on the workers, WTVJ reported.

Rebar is short for a reinforcing bar. It refers to long, thin steel bars used to reinforce concrete, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

“Something malfunctioned and it came loose,” Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Pete Sanchez told the Miami Herald. “The two trapped under the rubble were impaled by rebar in their upper body. We cut them out.”

Three workers were able to get out from underneath the rebar on their own, while first responders were able to help a fourth worker escape, WPLG reported.

Two other workers were impaled by the rebar, the television station reported.

Emergency crews had to use large tools to cut through the steel, according to the Herald.

The workers were taken to an area hospital, with conditions ranging from serious to critical, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

The accident remains under investigation, according to WTVJ.