2/22/22 palindrome date: Why ‘Twosday!’ is a big deal

Mark today on the calendar. It’s a special day.

Tuesday is Feb. 22, 2022, or 2/22/22, a palindrome that is able to be read forward and backward, unofficially known as Twosday.

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We won’t be around for the next Twosday as the National Weather Service says that 2/22/22 on a Tuesday won’t happen until 2422, USA Today reported.

To make it even more special, 2:22 a.m. or p.m. will be a palindrome time on 2/22/22. If you follow military time, the palindrome will happen not only in the morning but again at 22:22, USA Today reported.

You can celebrate by typing 2/22/22 on Google and digital confetti will fall from the top of the window, CNN reported.

A North Carolina couple will be able to remember the exact time their daughter was born. Judah Grace Spear came into the world at 2:22 a.m. on 2/22/22 in labor and delivery room two, WFMY reported.

One woman has been waiting for today to happen her entire life. Jules Zia Passell turns 22 today — or is it two-day? — on 2/22/22, The Washington Post reported.

Other milestones are being celebrated on Twosday. Sacramento, California, is holding a wedding of 222 couples at the state capitol at exactly 2 p.m. PT with the ceremony ending at 2:22 p.m. PT, CNN reported.

While social media is all over the 2/22/22 number repetition, some numerologists say that other than the quirkiness of the date, there is no bigger meaning for the day.

“Literally, it’s useless, because what should make that day any different from any other date, apart from the fact that humans have invented a way of counting days, and years, and months? And by coincidence, that date is going to be a date full of twos, and we originate our timing from a day and a year at which a certain guy named Jesus was born,” Morten Heedegaard told the Post. “I’m not sure there’s any bigger meaning for it.”

Despite Heedegaard feeling it’s just another day, he did take the time to create a website in 2016 counting down to the date.

He said the site was a bit of a joke.

He also thinks some of the obsession about the date is because the coronavirus pandemic has led a lot of people to lose track of time. He thinks the date may give us a way to get back on track of knowing what day it is, the Post reported.

The date is also special because the rest of the month has other palindromes, USA Today reported. February overall has 10 dates that can be read forward and backward the same way by following the month/day/year format.