Truck full of beer catches fire; Colorado highway closed for hours

GOLDEN, Colo. — A semitruck filled with beer caught fire Wednesday, causing a Colorado highway to be closed for hours.

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Investigators believe hot brakes caused the truck to catch fire, according to the Colorado State Patrol. The driver was not injured.

Cory Freeman, who lives nearby and heard an explosion before seeing the truck in flames, tried to help put out the fire using two fire extinguishers.

"When I first heard that first boom, I literally thought something ran into the side of the house," Freeman told KDVR. "The smoke from the tires and the rig catching on fire actually came back at me. You think you can hold your breath, but no."

Freeman was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation, KDVR reported.

A cleanup crew collected the beer for disposal, officials said.

"Contrary to suggestion, we did not enlist the help of locals to 'dispose' of the product," the Colorado State Patrol said.