Ted Bundy victim confirmed more than 3 years ago, DNA details released this week

Another victim’s murder has been attributed to the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

DNA testing confirmed police suspicions that Debra Kent, 17, was one of Bundy's victims, KSL reported.

She went missing while attending a play at Viewmont High School in Salt Lake City in 1974. She had left at intermission to get her brother, but never came back, police said.

Hours before he was put to death in 1989, Bundy said he killed Kent and other women, and he told police where he left Kent's body.

Her body hadn’t been found, so police kept the case open.

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But in 2015, human remains were found during a search, which prompted police to look through missing persons files. Apparently when police searched a location in Fairview Canyon in 1989, they found a human knee cap among hundreds of animal bones. That patella eventually was given to her family, as closure, KSL reported.

After investigators found out the family had the bone, police retrieved it and sent it for DNA testing to make sure it belonged to Kent. It was a DNA match to her family, proving that it was her bone.

Police announced the more than 3-year-old test results Monday because of renewed interest in Bundy, thanks to the Netflix series “

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FILE - In this June 27, 1979 file photo, accused murderer Ted Bundy stares out at the photographer during the second day of jury selection in his murder trial in Miami, Fla.