• Oregon woman discovers mountain lion napping on her couch

    By: Lauren Padgett, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    ASHLAND, Ore. - An Oregon woman was surprised by an unexpected house guest: a mountain lion napping behind her sofa.

    Lauren Taylor posted on Facebook that she believes the giant cat took a drink from a pond in her backyard, then entered her home, where it napped for about six hours, WRAC reports.

    “This is wild,” she posted on July 8. “The door was open and the room has huge plants and stairs built around real tree branches, so she likely didn't even realize she was walking indoors until she was inside.”

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    Taylor’s roommate discovered the big cat and screamed -- causing the animal to hide behind the sofa and sleep for several hours, she wrote.

    Taylor tried to wake up the mountain lion by making a noise, and then“gazed lovingly into her eyes, and communicated using feline-speak eye blinking to calm her.”

    She said she “gazed lovingly” and then “blinked hard” at the cat, and then it went back to sleep several times before it was time to leave.

    With “just a couple hours to dawn,” Taylor used a drum to encourage it to leave the house.

    The six-hour encounter ended peacefully, Taylor said, because of positive energy. 

    “May she stay safely in the hills to enjoy a long life as a wild and healthy lion,” Taylor posted.

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