Hurricane Dorian: How to help those affected by Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian moves away from the Bahamas, the scope of the damage done by the historic storm is becoming more clear.

Bahamas Health Minister Duane Sands tells The Associated Press that
the main hospital in Marsh Harbor is intact and sheltering 400 people but needs food, water, medicine and surgical supplies.

The storm made landfall Sunday with sustained winds of 185 mph and gusts up to 220 mph. Dorian then hovered over Grand Bahama for a day and a half.

According to The AP, United Nations officials estimate more than 60,000 people in the northwest Bahamas will need food and water and possibly medical attention in the coming days and weeks.

Early estimates say at least 45% of homes in Grand Bahama and Abaco are likely uninhabitable after being either severely damaged or destroyed.

Aid agencies are beginning to mobilize help and work on the logistics of getting that help to the islands.
If you want to help, here are some organizations that will be gathering supplies and money to help those in the Bahamas.

Note: Unfortunately, during such events, scams that try to bilk money from people looking to help others are common. Make sure you give only to reputable relief organizations. You can check organizations through, Charity Navigator, Guide Star, American Institute of Philanthropy and other sites.
Below is a list of some relief organizations that are already collecting supplies and money to help communities across the Bahamas. This list will be updated in the coming days.

If you are in the Miami area, a collection of toiletries, diapers, first-aid items, nonperishable foods, water, generators and other items has begun. Items can be dropped off at the Miami-Dade Community Emergency Operations Center and monetary donations can be made at

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response is looking for volunteers and monetary donations. The group provides first-hand relief to those hit by the storm.

Good 360 is looking for items such as blankets, diapers, tarps, water, toiletries, pillows, sheets and portable chargers – particularly items that corporations wish to donate to help those affected by Dorian. Click here to learn how to send items. Individuals who want to make a cash donation can click here.

BahamaStrong has set up drop-off locations for things such as water, diapers, personal items, canned goods, can openers, generators, mosquito spray and sunscreen. Donations can be dropped off at any fire station in the city of Miami and at other locations. The effort was launched Sunday by Miami Commissioner Ken Russell.

Chef José Andrés is already in the Bahamas setting up a kitchen to feed people. If you want to donate, click here.

International Medical Corps, which sends medical teams to disaster areas, is looking for donations to help with medical care. Click here to donate.

The organization has sent mobile medical units to the Bahamas stocked with medical supplies and vaccines. It is accepting donations to support the supplies and teams. Click here to donate.

The Humane Society has transported animals out of harm's way from shelters across Florida's east coast. To help in its mission, you can donate by clicking here.

The organization provides meals, medicine and relief supplies for those affected by national disasters. To donate, click here.