Clapping is now considered anxiety trigger, 'jazz hands' to replace applause at Oxford

The student union at the prestigious University of Oxford has voted to put an end to clapping.

Instead of putting hands together to celebrate something, students are now being encouraged to pull them apart, throw them in the air and do what's called jazz hands when celebrants shake their hands in the air, Metro reported.

Oxford isn't the only institute of higher learning to silence claps. The University of Manchester passed a similar rule last year, The Telegraph reported. Manchester added the suggestion to the inclusion training for new students, according to The Telegraph.

The change is to help calm those whose anxiety may be triggered by the loud noise of clapping. It also may cause an issue for those with sensory sensitivity and those with hearing aids, Oxford's student union said.

Jazz hands are the British Sign Language movement for applause.

The use of silent applause will be encouraged at events held by Oxford's student union, and the group is now lobbying the school to replace applause with jazz hands at all university events.