Outdoor seating, parklets raises concerns for limited Seattle parking

SEATTLE — First, Seattle city officials taught us the word "parklet," a tiny park where there used to be street parking.

Now, get ready for Parklet 2.0, the "streatery."

On Capitol Hill, the Montana bar will soon take over the adjacent parklet during business hours.

"It is sort of nice to have a space you can get together," said Capitol Hill resident Austin Amaya.

On Monday, the city announced it has approved nine new streateries as part of a pilot project.

One of them will be outside Jason Stoneburner's restaurant on Ballard Avenue Northwest.

It will take up what are now three parking spaces.

"Personally I think we're going to be heroes because there's a lot of people not getting parking tickets right here," Stoneburner said.

Restaurants will build and maintain the streateries, and pay the city for the lost parking revenue.

Seattle transportation director Scott Kubly said that rate varies by neighborhood, but it's usually a couple thousand dollars a space.

The streateries will be open to the public when the restaurants are closed.

Quinn Webber, who arrived in Ballard by car, couldn't help but question the loss of three parking spaces on the block.

"Taking them away is going to make them more difficult to find a spot," Webber said.

Kubly said he is not concerned about using public spaces for the benefit or a private business because it is done all the time in the city with sidewalk cafes.

Kubly also said he has not received any complaints about parklets, and that it is now assumed that most people arrive at the adjacent businesses by some method other than driving.

Projects approved for 2015 are:

  • New Streateries:
  • Elysian Bar (converting a portion of the existing Chromer Parklet to a streatery), 1516 2nd Ave
  • Montana Bar (converting existing parklet to a streatery), 1506 E Olive Way
  • Comet Tavern and Lost Lake Lounge (converting existing parklet to a streatery), 10th Ave and Pike St
  • Stoneburner, 5214 Ballard Ave NW
  • Mamnoon, 1508 Melrose Ave
  • Flowers Bar & Restaurant, 4247 University Way NE
  • Bottleneck Lounge, 2328 E Madison St
  • Guild 19th LLC (business not yet named), 600 19th Ave EDo these
  • TnT Taqueria, 2114 N 45th St

New Parklets:

  • Community Arts Create, 4248 S Orcas St
  • Mighty-O Donuts, 1550 NW Market St
  • Sugar Plum, 324 15th Ave

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