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Righting derailed train could take until midnight

TACOMA, Wash. — A empty tanker train has derailed at the Port of Tacoma, with 18 cars off the tracks.

Twitter user ‏@gbo2086 posted photos of the train at Lincoln and Taylor Way in Tacoma at about 9:30 a.m.

The train belongs to Tacoma Rail and all of the tank cars are empty.

Tacoma firefighters at the scene said there were no spills and no one was hurt.

Lincoln is closed at 11th Avenue. It may take until midnight to get the car upright again.

Tacoma rail has called in a crew from Eastern Washington to help.

"On our Facebook page, people, when this came out on the news, they posted it," said John Carlton, a member of Redline Tacoma.

Carlton raced down to the Port. The derailment, confirmed his fears and those of his neighbors.

"Because just down the street here is where Puget Sound Energy is planning on building an 8,000,000 gallon liquefied natural gas facility that has a lot of risks," said Carlton.

We asked those who work at the Port about the risks but most had more practical concerns. "It just holds everybody up," said Jay Leivdall, who works for a lumber company.

"I mean there are a lot of other people, businesses that are angry because they can't do their jobs."

Some companies sent workers home.