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Tacoma may study possibility of fast ferry to Seattle

TACOMA, Wash. — Tacoma's city council is taking steps to study a passenger-only fast ferry service from downtown Tacoma to Seattle.

Heavy traffic on I-5 is being cited as one reason to push for a service like the Kitsap Fast Ferry from Bremerton to Seattle.

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The ferry would potentially take off from the old municipal dock on the waterfront and could arrive in downtown Seattle in 28 minutes.

The Tacoma City Council is considering a resolution Tuesday afternoon ordering the city manager to work with Pierce Transit on a feasibility study to make this happen.

Establishing a fast ferry has been on back burner in Tacoma for at least a decade, but the idea gained momentum in July when the city council started seriously looking at the option after a study said 40 percent of Tacoma residents leave the city for work.

Passenger-only service from Tacoma to Seattle is not a foreign idea. In the 1900s, Puget Sound's Mosquito Fleet often had runs between the two cities.

Studies into a fast ferry could begin next year.