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Pierce County ferry service from Anderson Island resumes

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — Ferry service from Anderson Island resumed Monday night after it was suspended Sunday because of a mechanical failure.

Pierce County officials said repairs were completed earlier than expected.

There were three round trips Monday night.

Officials with Pierce County said there was mechanical failure with the ferry loading ramp on Anderson Island. The ramp was unable to be lifted off the deck of the boat, which means the boat had to stay at the dock.

The incident left people stranded on Anderson Island.

A Pierce County bridge engineer and mechanic found on Monday that two of three hinges on the ramp failed. The hinges allow the ramp to be lowered to the deck of the ferry to load and unload vehicles and passengers.

On Sunday, about 200 people were reportedly in line to leave the island during the ramp failure, but officials said those who were walk-ons or willing to leave their cars behind were transported off by the fire department's fireboat and others.

Some others camped out in the ferry line. One family said they would sleep in their cars on the island.

The fire station also opened its door for people on the island to stay overnight.

Firefighters said the ferry service locked its restrooms on the island overnight, and said the ferry service told the fire spokesman that's policy.

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