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Police audio released from Aberdeen officer-involved shooting

ABERDEEN, Wash. — Newly released audio recordings from Monday's officer-involved shooting in Aberdeen seem to contradict a surveillance video clip posted to social media.

Police maintain the suspect had a gun, but in the video, it’s not clear.

In the recording, an officer shouts, “Drop the [expletive] gun."

Investigators said the audio is evidence Kristopher Fitzpatrick, 41, had a gun the day he was shot by Aberdeen police.

The audio comes two days after a 46-second surveillance clip surfaced, showing the final moments leading up to Fitzpatrick's death.

In the video, Fitzpatrick paces around the parking lot, swinging his arms, but it's tough to tell if there's anything in his hands.

“I didn't see no gun. I thought that the cops really didn't have probable cause to shoot the guy,” said John Miller, who witnessed the shooting.

Aberdeen police stand by their statement given Monday following the shooting.

"The individual, a 41-year-old man, displayed a firearm, pointed the pistol at my officer, warnings had been given to put the gun down, unfortunately, the suspect did not heed those warnings,” said Aberdeen Police Chief Steve Shumate.

The audio released by the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office was recorded just before noon on Monday, when Aberdeen police spotted Fitzpatrick. They called him by name over the radio.

“Kris Fitzpatrick was in the 200 block East Heron, green shirt. I don't see where he went,” said an Aberdeen Police Department patrol sergeant over the radio.

“We'll go look for him. I just ran him too. He's got a felony warrant,” said a separate Aberdeen police officer in response.

Police said Fitzpatrick told them he wasn't going back to prison and ran.

"He's also reaching in his left pocket, I don't know what for,” said the patrol sergeant.

Less than a minute later, police yell, “Drop the [expletive] gun." Roughly nine seconds later, “fire” is heard over the radio, and eight seconds after that, a dispatcher responds.

"Aberdeen [inaudible] initially in a subject pursuit, Broadway and Heron, now shots fired,” said a dispatcher.

KIRO 7 didn’t hear gunshots in the audio recording.

Investigators said they found a gun near the suspect and gathered it as evidence.