• Budget shortfall leads to toilet paper drive for Kent students

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    A budget shortfall sparked a call for toilet paper donations at Kent schools, according to the Kent Education Association.

    “Due to the Kent School District budget crisis, some schools have been unable to purchase paper goods!” read an orange flyer, which was distributed to parents. “Educators are working to take some of the pressure off of the school’s budget by collecting necessary paper supplies.”

    Donations are being accepted at Kent schools October 9 through 12. In addition to toilet paper, construction paper, paper towels, reams of copy paper and facial tissue is being accepted.

    The Kent School District confirms it began the year with a nearly $7 million dollar budget shortfall. Superintendent Calvin J. Watts said the shortfall was not a result of misusing district funds, but a miscalculation of enrollments.

    A budget passed last month fixes the hole by cutting $2.9 million in personnel $1.4 million in operating costs.




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