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‘Sickening feeling': Bicyclist hurt by hit-and-run driver in University Place

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. — Amanda Peters said she's still recovering physically and mentally after a driver hit her and then took off as she rode on a bicycle through University Place on August 16.

Peters said that hit-and-run driver has yet to be arrested and is sharing what happened in hopes they're identified and held responsible.

"I couldn't really move," said Peters, who told KIRO 7 in an interview Sunday she was taken to the hospital with injuries. "It's the worst nightmare of cyclist to be hit by a car and I saw it happening and there was nothing I could do to get out of the way."

Peters said she was riding in a bike lane on Grandview Drive West, headed north, when she was hit in the 27th Street intersection around 12:40 p.m. She said the driver was headed south on Grandview Drive West and hit her while turning east onto 27th Street. She showed KIRO 7 her damaged bike.

"After they hit me, they pulled forward and stopped but before we could get to them, they just took off," said Peters, whose husband was on a bike riding ahead of her. "Everyone's pointing like that's the car that did it."

"Terrifying – I haven't witnessed anything like that," said her husband, Abraham Peters. "Full panic, just not knowing what could happen."

Witnesses who stopped shared details about the driver's car, according to Peters, who said the force of the crash sent her flying nearly 10 feet.

"It was a maroon Honda Civic and the first three of the license plate was B-C-Y," said Peters, who told us the car reportedly had a handicap placard.

Investigators did not immediately respond to KIRO 7's request for additional details. There are several traffic cameras at the intersection but it's not clear yet if the crash or hit-and-run driver were captured on video.

"Sickening feeling," said Peters. "I cannot imagine just leaving someone."

Contact the Pierce County Sheriff's Department with details related to the driver's identity.

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