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Teens arrested for shooting death of Tacoma boy on his porch

TACOMA, Wash. — Three teens are now charged with first-degree murder for shooting and killing 16-year-old Jamone Pratt. They're accused of killing Pratt in a drive-by shooting that happened in the 4600 block of South J Street on July 30.

"I'm hurt, I just don't understand why. What did my son do that was so wrong," said Kyndal Pierce, Pratt's mom.

Pierce was emotional in the courtroom on Friday as the teens accused of shooting her son walked in.

Andre Gonzalez, 16, and his girlfriend, Sunshine Timmons, 17, are facing charges of first degree murder and will be tried as adults.

"The court in this manner will set bail at the sum of $1 million," the presiding judge said.

Timmons appeared to smile at victim's family in court – angering Pratt's family.

"She's sitting there laughing. She's sitting there smiling. You're going to get you're a-- beat!" someone said in the court room.

"I don't even have a word that can even begin to describe a feeling I've felt," Pierce, the victim's mom said.

Timmons and Gonzalez are accused of shooting Pratt in broad daylight, while he stood on the porch hanging out with friends.

Charging documents said Gonzalez and the victim are in different gangs.

Gonzalez told detectives, "That because of a gang dispute, Jamone had threatened to kill him and 'stomp' his and Timmons's unborn baby."

Documents say Gonzalez fired the gun and a nearby doorbell camera captured seven gunshots.

Pratt was shot in the head and died at Tacoma General Hospital.

KIRO7 talked with Davonte Henderson last month, who was on the porch with Pratt when he was shot in the head.

"I live here, I have to live through this s---, it's just –" Henderson said, breaking off and shaking his head.

Pratt's mom says it's a murder that's changed the lives of many.

"Not only did they take his life, but they took a lot of people's lives with it," Pierce said. "I miss him. I miss him," she said.

There is also a warrant out for a third teenager not yet in custody -- 17-year-old Treyshawn Hilton. 
He's also facing first-degree murder charges.

Court documents say Hilton was steering the car while Gonzalez, who was in the driver's seat, fired the weapon.

Gonzalez is also facing charges of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Investigators say there were six people in the car during the drive-by shooting and more suspects could face charges.

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