• Signed Seahawks memorabilia stolen from pee wee football team

    By: David Ham


    BREMERTON, Wash. - Bremerton's Warren Avenue Pee Wee football league discovered all of the signed memorabilia they were saving for a fundraiser was stolen. 

    "The only items that were taken were simply the autographed memorabilia that we're using as a fundraiser to help buy new uniforms this year," said Ryan Christian, president of the Warren Avenue Pee Wee League.
    He said two autographed pictures of Richard Sherman, a hat signed by Steven Hauschka hat, a baseball signed by Taijuan Walker, a baseball signed by James Jones and a baseball signed by the New York Mets were taken from the concession stand where they were being stored.
    "We might think juveniles would take the money and candy as well, therefore we suspect the person responsible for this was targeting the memorabilia," said Sgt. Kevin Crane, Bremerton police.
    The team thinks they were targeted because thieves tried to break in to the same storage facility about three weeks ago.
    The thieves didn't get in that time and Christian changed the locks.
    However, this time they got through a lock and broke through a wood panel to get inside.
    "You're looking at someone who's taking the time and energy to go through that much trouble. They don’t understand they just affected 130 kids," Christian said. "It's been seven years since we've had new uniforms ... these kids, that's all they want."
    The team is working on raising about $8,000 for the new uniforms.
    "It's very sad and unfortunate that someone would victimize these kids. It's very difficult for these kids to get the money and to keep them operating," said Crane.
    Crane thinks it's possible that the thieves initially saw the memorabilia on display in the concession stand during games.
    "There's dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of people that might have seen these items that were there," said Crane.
    He's also hopeful that since many people saw the items, they may also help identify them if they are being sold somewhere.
    "We're hoping that somebody will see this story and come across one of these autographed Richard Sherman photos that were taken, and contact us and let us know," said Crane.
    Christian said many of the players -- ages six to 14 -- are heartbroken over the news.
    "It's a good lesson for them on how you make negative choices in life will impact a lot more people than you ever expected," said Christian.
    When asked if he had a message for the thieves, Christian responded, "I just hope it was somebody who needed the money more than 130 kids (did)."

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