Search for Susan Cox Powell over as investigators focus on Josh Powell's brother

The case and the search for Susan Cox Powell is closed, at least for now. 

PUYALLUP, Wash. — “We have no further active leads to develop at this point," said West Valley City, Utah, city manager Wayne Pyle as the police department there declared their investigation over, unless any new leads or evidence is found.

As they made that statement, investigators told reporters they had turned their focus onto Susan Powell’s brother in-law Michael, the brother of her husband Josh Powell.
Susan Cox Powell vanished from her home in Utah in December 2009. Her husband, Josh Powell, claimed she left the family while he was camping with his two sons in the snow covered mountains near their home. Her body has never been found. 
Josh Powell was named as a person of interest in the case but never arrested.  He killed himself and his sons Charlie and Braden by attacking the boys with a hatchet, then setting their rented house in Graham on fire. In a Monday news conference, West Valley City Deputy Police Chief Mike Powell, who is no relation to Josh Powell’s family, said Josh’s brother, Michael Powell, became a focus for investigators shortly after Josh killed himself and his boys.

“His possible involvement was not known in the early stages -- but developed as the investigation progressed,” said Deputy Chief Powell.  “A significant amount of communication took place between Michael and Josh both over the phone and through encrypted Internet messages.  Some of this communication was intercepted. However, a large portion was not able to be deciphered.”

Michael Powell committed suicide in February by leaping from a parking garage in downtown Minneapolis where he was working on a doctorate at the University of Minnesota.
A law enforcement source told KIRO 7 investigators believe Michael Powell may have helped his brother Josh hide Susan's body and that his suicide came after detectives began to focus on him.
Police said part of what turned their focus on Michael Powell were changes Josh Powell made to his life insurance policy shortly before he killed himself and his sons, leaving any money to his brother in the event of his death.
 “It was suspicious that Josh named Michael as primary beneficiary of the life insurance policy for him and his boys,” said Deputy Chief Powell.
Susan Cox Powell’s father, Chuck Cox, declined comment on the announcement closing the case and search for his daughter. 
Cox told KIRO 7 through a source that he will take part in a news conference Tuesday with his attorneys and may reveal new information they have received from investigators in Utah regarding Susan Cox Powell and Michael Powell’s suspected role in her disappearance.