PHOTO: Orca whales spotted near the Space Needle

West Seattle resident Molly Magnifico spotted these Orca whales near the Space Needle on January 13, 2018. Her Instagram and Twitter handle is @saltypuma.

Orca whales were spotted earlier this month off the Seattle waterfront near the Space Needle, and a West Seattle resident captured the moment.

Orcas from the T90s and T100s were on their way out of Elliott Bay after traveling inbound along the downtown Seattle waterfront and exiting closer to the West Seattle side, according to an Orca Network e-mail.

Here's more from Molly Magnifico, the photographer who captured the January 13 moment, Her Instagram and Twitter handle is @saltypuma.

I am a resident of West Seattle and was only able to be a part of this awesome day because of the Orca Network community's posts notifying people they were out that day. Was actually my first time seeing Orcas in Seattle! Pretty great first time to say the least!

My husband and I actually JUST moved back here, and bought a house in West Seattle. We used to live here from 2010-2014 when I was recruited to move here for work - and the was recruited to CA for work. We just got brought back here for work and we feel like we are re-exploring Seattle all over again. We are so happy to be back. And this was beyond a warm welcome!

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