• Local musician, producer killed in Shoreline fire

    By: Deborah Horne


    SHORELINE, Wash. - They raised a toast to Greg Gibson at Tim's Tavern on North 105th in Greenwood.  

    "We'll miss you, Greg," said Lilith Kemnitz, a local music promoter. "Cheers!"

    Gibson had been the music promoter for the three years the bar has been open.  He booked several bands there and often played there himself.   

    "It's pretty hard, you know," said Kemnitz.    

    She met Gibson when Tim's Tavern opened.

    "Every time, I see Greg, saw Greg, he was just so full of love," said Kemnitz.  "Always coming up and hugging me and say 'I love you Lilith.' It's going to be hard to not have him around."

    Firefighters were called to the 700 block of North 201st Street in Shoreline about 5 Friday morning. 


    A roommate and dog got out of the house alive.  But Gibson and his beloved dog, Nino, didn't make it out.  Gibson and the dog were found together on the first floor, where the fire started. 

    News spread quickly through the local underground music scene.

    "If you play any kind of rock-and-roll music or even hip-hop, things like that, in this town," said musician John Danford, "you've probably been touched by Greg at some point or another."

    Danford says Gibson liked working with bands that struggled to find venues to perform.


    "Especially those bands," said Danford. "Especially because Greg would give anybody, you know, it's about doing what you love.  If you loved it, then Greg loved it. 

    "So, yeah, it's a big loss."

    In fact, Gibson was supposed to perform Friday night at Tony V's Garage in Everett.  Instead, they will dedicate the show in his memory.

    Fire investigators still have not identified a cause.

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