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New possible delay for Mukilteo Ferry terminal

MUKILTEO, Wash. — On Monday, the Mukilteo City Council is set to vote on proposed changes to its new ferry terminal that could mean more delays.

An argument over what to use for fencing may be a big part of the slowdown.

It's an argument of whether to use concrete or fences at the terminal.

After some schedule setbacks, the state says it would like to save some money, but the city is concerned about the visual appeal for a terminal set to last a number of years.

Monday night, that disagreement will be on full display at the 7 p.m. Mukilteo City Council meeting.

State engineers say using fence versus concrete would save $300,000 on the next project phase that’s expected to cost more than $65 million.

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The project is already behind schedule, with steel tariffs being blamed for driving up construction costs and Washington State Ferries says it awaits the opening.

"It'll make it much better there: Bigger holding lanes, overhead loading, a brand-new terminal building. It'll be very nice for customers when it does open,” said Ian Sterling with Washington State Ferries.

The city council will vote Monday to have cheaper fencing or the more expensive promenade they were wanting.

A lot of the other work has already been done at the terminal with construction starting early next year.