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Man dead after shootout with Everett police

EVERETT — A man is dead after a shootout with police in Everett, Friday afternoon. It all began outside the River Landing Apartment complex around 12:30 p.m. and from there spread down the block and throughout the neighborhood.

One woman, Braunynn Collins lives right in the middle of the manhunt that spanned her neighborhood, by the time they reached her home, police and the suspect were shooting at each other.

“It was so many, it was like a machine gun almost. da da da da at the same time,” said Baunynn Collins.

Braunynn lives in Everett near 9th and Pine Street.

“It [gunshots] only lasted a few minutes or so but shooting I don’t hear that often. Especially like this. It was bad,” she said.

The incident started with the Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force attempting to serve a warrant to a 34-year-old man at the River Landing Apartment complex. That’s when two other armed men walked up to an officer as he was in his squad car.

“Then the subject that they were looking for, came out and there was another altercation. That subject fired a shot into the ground and fled the scene on foot,” said Meeghan Black, the Bellevue PD Public Information Officer.

Black then said he ran into a home nearby and got into another fight with someone inside. It’s not clear if the man and person in the home knew each other, but an officer nearby said he heard a gunshot from inside. That’s when police saw the man trying to run from the home.

“There was an exchange of gunfire with officers. The subject continued to flee,” explained Black.

This part all went down by Braunynn Collins’s home.

“Then I heard the barrage of it (gunfire). So, I’m like oh lord there’s a whole war over here,” said Braunynn.

Police found the 34-year-old shortly after the shootout with a gunshot wound. They tried to save him but he died.

“There are at least four different scenes. So, there are bullet casings at all of those scenes. There are witnesses at all of those scenes. So, this is a massive investigation,” said Black.

“This is shocking to me because this is a quiet place here,” Collins added.

Police haven’t said who the suspect is or why they were serving him a warrant. Two men who were involved in an argument with officers were questioned and released.

The three officers who fired at the man are with three different agencies. They include a sergeant from the Everett Police Department, a sergeant from the Lynnwood Police Department, and a Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputy.

All three are on administrative leave.

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