• Lynnwood family pepper sprayed, van vandalized by trick-or-treaters

    By: John Knicely


    LYNNWOOD, Wash. - An 11-year-old Lynnwood boy opened his door Tuesday night to hand out candy. Instead, he and his family were pepper sprayed in the face.  

    Reporter John Knicely is speaking with the family who was attacked for a live report at 5 p.m.  Watch live: http://kiro.tv/LiveNews

    After a night of burning pain, on Wednesday morning, the family also noticed damage to their van in the driveway.  

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    The suspects were wearing all black clothing and masks from the movie "Scream."

    Lynnwood police told KIRO 7 they believe two teenage boys are responsible.

    “One of them said 'trick or treat' in a deep voice,” Rameez Hussain said.  “And then they sprayed me in the face.  My eyes and my whole face was just burning really bad.”

    His mother, Kiran Kahlid, was at the top of the stairs with her 7-year-old daughter when they were both hit by the spray.  Kiran yelled at the boys that she was calling police and they ran off.  

    The family says at least 10 Lynnwood police officers swarmed the area, but couldn’t find the suspects.  

    When daylight came Wednesday morning, the family noticed a substance splashed all over their minivan.  Police told them they think it’s from something other than the pepper spray. The paint where the substance splashed has started to peel off.

    The family has lived in the home for 25 years. The father, Khalid Hussain, told KIRO 7 he doesn’t think the suspects knew who lived there.

    “I don't think so. I don't think it was anyone targeting him,” Hussain said.  “It's just a game.”

    Rameez doesn’t think he was targeted either.  He said the boys seemed much older.

    “They probably just think it's fun and games,” he said.  “But it's not funny. It hurt a lot.”

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