Edmonds, Everett announce return of July Fourth celebrations

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — For the first time in two years, fireworks will light up the skies in both Edmonds and Everett on the Fourth of July.

Additionally, Edmonds will also reintroduce its Fourth of July Parade.

“Just that there’s a sliver of chance that we can get these events going. We’re giving it our all, and that feels awesome,” said Alicia Moreno, Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

To make it a reality, Edmonds workers said they desperately need volunteers.

In total, 175 volunteers are required this year, which is dozens more than what is normally needed.

COVID-19 means there are fewer paid city employees to help manage everything, so more volunteers are needed to pick up the slack.

Should people not step up to the plate, Edmonds workers said the entire event may not happen at all.

To volunteer, click here.