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Car stolen in Lynnwood with dog in back seat, car found 22 hours later, dog still in back seat

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LYNNWOOD, Wash. — A car that was stolen in Lynnwood had a dog in the back seat. The dog had quite the ride when Lynnwood police found the car 22 hours later—and he was still in the back seat.

At about 2 p.m. Wednesday, Lianne Almughirah received a call from her mom, who said that her mom’s car had been stolen at the Navy Federal Credit Union in Lynnwood.

And her dog, Sounder, was in the backseat.

Lianne tells KIRO 7 News that Sounder, her dog, is a timid and shy dog and usually hides in the back and it’s possible that whoever stole the car didn’t know the dog was in the car.

“I was so shocked. Lost and confused,” Lianne said about when she learned Sounder was gone.

Lianne said they posted all over social media about Sounder, and even spent all night looking for him with a search party of about 20 people.

Lynnwood police eventually found the car on Thursday, ditched on 140th, with Sounder still in the backseat.

Lianne says the police called and she rushed over there.

“I grabbed him out of the car, we hugged and he’s pretty happy,” Lianne said.

Lianne asked if anyone saw her mom’s car in Lynnwood yesterday and if they could report it to the Lynnwood Police Department. Hopefully, they can catch this person before they possibly take another car with a dog—or even a child—in the backseat.

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