New rules issued at Seattle RV encampment

SEATTLE, Wash. — People living in RVs have learned of a new set of rules that would apply to two safe designated safe lots, which are expected to be operational by Friday.

Two people were seriously burned last week in a fire at a temporary parking zone in the Interbay neighborhood, when their RV caught fire. Fire investigators say the flames were caused by a heater coming into contact with a fuel can.

Sola Plumacher, the city's acting division director for community support and assistance, said the proposed rules include dumping waste before they enter the lot, "making sure they dispose of waste properly; that they report any kind of spill; that any generators that operate, operate only within a certain time of days; that there are quiet hours that are maintained."
The rules also say there are to be no drugs, alcohol or smoking in the vehicles, nor any cooking or propane heating.

All the RVs in the temporary safe zones have city-issued temporary permits that expire on Feb. 22.

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