Mother, daughter arrested in Seattle identity theft investigation

Photo from the Seattle Police Department.

SEATTLE — A mother and daughter have been arrested, suspected of committing millions of dollars in fraud around the Puget Sound.

Officers believe the 46-year-old and her 26-year-old daughter have been running an identity theft operation.

Six fake Washington state IDs were found in the women’s home -- featuring the daughter’s face with multiple names.

The women are believed to have been involved in hundreds of car prowls, mail thefts and burglaries. With personal documents in hand, the two were able to print fake Washington state IDs that allowed them to rent cars, open bank accounts and rack up credit lines.

Some of the purchased items were returned to stores in exchange for cash.

Police believe the women spent as much as $10,000 each day using the stolen identities of victims in Normandy Park, Medina, Everett, Auburn and other Seattle-area cities.




From the Seattle Police Dept.:

"SPD detectives are still combing through massive amounts of evidence in this case and are working to identify and contact what they suspect are hundreds of victims."

Items recovered from the home include suspected stolen tools, blank checks, large boxes of jewelry, luggage, generators, 14 grams of methamphetamine, 10 pounds of marijuana and a handgun.

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