• Man in Las Vegas shooting rampage has local connection

    By: Graham Johnson


    KENNEWICK, Wash. - The father of one of the cop killers in Las Vegas told KIRO 7 on Monday that two months ago his son "kinda set me up for knowing something was going to happen."

    Tod Miller called his son, Jerad Miller, "very strong-hearted on things." "When he believes in something he goes all out for it."

    Tod Miller said his son had supported President Barack Obama's election, then became disillusioned with what he considered "big government." In the conversation this spring, Miller said his son told him "when it happens make sure everybody knows that I am a patriot and a revolutionary and I fight for the Second Amendment, fighting against tyranny." Miller said his son became concerned the federal government would repeal the Second Amendment, and would approach police officers to ask them what they would do if they were ordered to confiscate weapons.

    Miller said his son grew up in the Tri-Cities, before dropping out of Richland High School late in his junior year after he "got in a lot of trouble."

    The Associated Press reported that according to the Washington State Patrol, Jerad Dwain Miller was convicted of one felony -- stealing a vehicle -- and several other offenses, including phone harassment, driving under the influence and malicious mischief, between 2001 and 2003.

    Miller's father says his son moved to Indiana, where he met his wife, Amanda. The couple later moved to Las Vegas.

    On his Facebook page, Jerad Miller listed a connection to Kennewick High School. A spokeswoman for the district said he attended for only one semester as a freshman beginning in January 1999.

    Tod Miller lives in Walla Walla.

    KIRO 7's phone call with Miller dropped out before we were able to ask for additional details about the recent conversation Miller had with his son. KIRO 7 was unable to reach Miller again by phone or by going to his home.


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