You could be eligible for a check, AG’s Office settles with chicken and canned tuna companies

You could be eligible for a check after the Washington State Attorney General’s Office sued over 20 corporations that make and sell chicken and canned tuna.

The corporations “secretly agreed to raise prices for these products in violation of state and federal laws that encourage competition in the marketplace and help keep prices down for consumers,” said the AG’s Office.

The corporations now owe the AG’s Office over $40 million.

According to the AG’s Office, single-member households that qualify will get a $50 check and households with two members or more will get a $120 check.

To qualify, you must currently live in Washington and your income must be no greater than 175% of the federal poverty level.

The AG’s Office said it sent checks on December 5 and they will arrive in 7-14 business days.

If you are eligible but haven’t received a check, or you lost or misplaced it, you have until May 1, 2024, to request another. You can call 866-601-1516.

If you haven’t gotten a check and believe you should have, go here to submit a claim. You have until June 5, 2024, to do so.