Yakima County gym fined nearly $10K for defying governor’s Safe Start order

SELAH, Wash. — A fitness center in Yakima County was fined nearly $10,000 for defying Gov. Jay Inslee’s Safe Start order.

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries said it received several complaints from the public and a referral from the Yakima Health District that Anytime Fitness in Selah was operating in violation of the governor's proclamation.

Inspectors found Anytime Fitness in Selah was open June 15 when it should have been closed.

Several employees were working and customers using the facility.

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"Our primary focus is making sure employers do everything possible to prevent their workers from being exposed to the coronavirus," said L&I Director Joel Sacks. "In this case, Anytime Fitness Selah was clearly aware it was operating in defiance of the governor's order and putting employees at risk. They chose to stay open even after multiple contacts with L&I. And it's just not fair to businesses that are following the rules when others don't."

The state cited the company’s owner Bradshaw Development Inc. this week. Along with being cited for the violation, the business faces a $9,639 fine.

Labor and Industries said this is the first employer to be cited for violating the order.

Yakima County remains in phase of the Safe Start plan and is one of the state’s most active areas for COVID-19 cases.