WSDOT is getting ready to roll out new billing & customer service features in 2019

Changes are coming for some 1.5 million drivers who pay tolls in Washington.

WSDOT is shifting to two new vendors instead of one, breaking out its billing department from its customer service.

Under the new billing system, drivers won't be obligated to start a "Good to Go" account with a $30 minimum balance to take advantage of tolling discounts.

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Soon, customers will have that same discount advantage with the option to "pay as they drive," and their credit cards will be automatically charged once they jump on a toll road.

“It’s something we have worked on for a while because customers had wanted this,” said WSDOT spokesman Ethan Bergerson.

WSDOT said it's adding new features to its phone line and website, including live chats for instant help.

They say those services will be critical with more drivers expected to pay tolls when the new 99 tunnel opens next year.

Drivers we talked to say they are all for services that are more convenient and efficient.

“I would give them a shot and see how they work out. I hope they would put in a system that works well,” said Mike Stewart.

Right now there’s no date set on when the new system will roll out but it will be sometime in 2019.